Stock for a Bed and Breakfast

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Can anyone help me.
I've got to get together some documents for the year end (which was in March) for a bed and breakfast. The one that is confusing me is stock at year end.

What consitutes stock for a B&B, I assume it's food and drink. How do I work out what the closing stock would have been?

Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance.


  • burg
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    You could ask the client. I doubt there is much worth worrying about though.

  • bumblebee
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    You could add up the the last lot of purchases if there were any (just before the year end), you might get a rough idea. Considering its BB there might not be much, but it depends.
  • confoosed
    confoosed Registered Posts: 38 Regular contributor ⭐
    The clients are worse than useless so they definitely won't be able to help!!! I'll just take a rough guestimate based on purchases.

    Thanks all, I was panicing a bit!!
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