FAO BlobbyH


not that i don't want others input i just know Blobbyh will know the answers.

My Dad is a FCMA and quit his last job after it got very big without any more staff to help spread the load. (was group FD) so with the extra workload, lack of help and a fair bit going on outside work i think it all came to a head and now i have got married and moved out and my bro also wrking full time and dad not having a mortgage to worry about he decided he'd like a smaller job. basicaaly one that isn't a directorship that is nearer home (previously 100 mile roundtrip each day)

He has been driving around the area taking down names of local companies (could be a national company though) and is looking to write them a letter to explain his position and what he can do but he isn't sure how to phrase it/what to include as some companys wont like the idea of employing a previous director as they think he is after their job when he isn't.

any pointers i can pass on would be a good help.
he has thought about offering credit control services would it be best if he had his wn business (and what would he need when setting it up) or just get employed.

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