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KW17 2LN
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Hello I've just done Unit 32/PET simulation this week and been told I was not competent on one question so have to do an additional question.

I'm not sure what this means (I am a study from home / distance learner).

Is this just a repeat of the question I did? Or a new one covering the same performance criteria? I can't even remember what the question was!

Worried - If I screw this up again will I have to redo the whole thing?


  • emma123
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    I was told that too for one of my sims. My tutor just asked me the same question that I got wrong over the phone and asked me to have another go at answering the question. It was the ethics module so I was able to waffle my way through it lol. So perhaps you will be asked the same question again but don't worry too much about it. I'm sure you didn't go too far wrong
  • jilt
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    Yep exactly the same happened to me, don't woory too much about it, just read up some more.
  • taskey
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    your assessor will set you another question and you still have to do it under exam conditions. every time i sit a sim, i have to do additional questions.

    it will be based on the area which you were not classed as competent, your assesor should have given you an indication of which bit you were not competent on.

    Bright side - you scored over 80% in the first sitting - well done

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