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Hi there just wondered if there are any MIPs on here with clients who sell and fit carpets and flooring, and if so if there was anything peculiar about their accounts. I did wonder about waste but then thought no becasue as a customer we buy xm2 of carpet/flooring that is required to fit the measured area so in affect we buy that wasted material so there's no cost to the retailer.

I had a look on HMRC and the only thing that came up was subcontractors so I'm sure I'm just being over cautious but you never know. :001_smile:


  • Monsoon
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    I've not done one but I can't think of anything out of the ordinary :)
  • burg
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    I've done both sides, the carpet fitter and the carpet shop.

    Nothing particularly out of the ordinary apart from possibly high motor costs for fitters due to the amount of travelling.

    The GP is pretty good on carpets though, particularly when imported.

  • jilt
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    Thanks guys, am off to see a new client tomorrow and just wanted to be sure there was nothing out of the ordinary that may take me by surprise.
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    Agree with the carpet fitter low purchases high car running costs
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