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    was wondering the same thing
  • PGM
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    Possibly not well based on the journal test.

    It should be an easy test to do if you routinely deal with management accounts which will involve regular corrections and adjustments by journal.

    If you don't do that on a regular basis its not easy to remember back to an AAT lesson and get your head round it.

    I suppose it shows they want someone actively working at that level, not someone slightly lower down shielded from it all by management accounts or accounts programs etc.

    (I need coffee)
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    I didn't get the job but have another interview tomorrow.
    Dean S and Blobbyh I am glad you find my situation hilarious. It must be so satisfying to you both that you are so pompous and down right ignorant. I hope one day you are in my position then you will know how it feels.
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    well glynis you must be getting something right your getting the interviews but now all you have to do to land the job is deal with the terrible attitude you have
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    A-vic I'm not the one with a bad attitude it is the likes of Dean and Blobbyh that have the bad attitudes. You can see that from this post.
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    the only thing that stands out on this thread is your terrible disreguard for anyone younger or in a higher position than you - serously you need to wake up suck it up and land a job otherwise you will be yet another faceless statistic on the dole.

    If you cant take advise whatever or however it is offered you need to either 1 stop asking or 2 grow up. Because trust me for every job you apply for there will be 100 other applicants prepared to move heaven or earth to get the job more so in this climate.
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    Glynis have you brushed up on your FRA in case you have another skills test at your interview tomorrow?
  • blobbyh
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    Glynis wrote: »
    ... it is the likes of Dean and Blobbyh that have the bad attitudes. You can see that from this post.

    Coming from the biggest age-ist bigot on the forums, I'll take that as a compliment.

    Not speaking for Dean, but what I said about you was arguably fair Glynis. Asset disposal journals are pretty simple and you've informed us many, many times that you've been doing accounts longer than most of us have been alive. So what's the problem with me saying that then?

    As for my audit/lion tamer jibe, this was also based on anecdotes you've been writing on here throughout the last year. You struggled with AAT audit, struggled with ACCA audit and you were so rude with the appointed auditors when they came to see your company, that they left without completing their duties. So why on earth would you choose to work in an audit role when you've amply demonstrated your complete non-suitability for it?

    I don't laugh at the fact you're unemployed Glynis and don't envy your situation, but you've been so bloody damn rude to everyone else in the past that I and others are simply reacting back to you.
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    God I love this form, makes my day I tell you....just makes my day. Keep it up!
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    I think you are being very harsh by insinuating that people on these forums find your situation 'hilarious'. Redundancy is not funny and unfortunately it's a big issue in this country at the moment. I'm pretty sure no-one on here would ever be amused by someone being put in that terrible situation when we all have bills to pay.

    The reason so many people comment on your posts is down to the fact that you express such strong views on things and then later have a tendency to go the exact opposite way. You have mentioned so many times that you find agencies useless and would never use them again. Not long after you clearly stated these views you started a thread on here asking for advice on getting temporary work through agencies! You have to admit that is rather hypocritical. I understand that you were made redundant and are obviously keen to seek employment, but by coming on here and asking for advice on something you so strongly put down is only going to provoke a reaction.

    As Blobbyh pointed out, we have also followed the story of your struggle with audit and problems with auditors and yet you are so adamant that this is the way you see you career going. If you can take a step back and think about what you are writing on the forums and all the mixed messages you are giving then maybe you might understand why people react the way they do.

    I know you probably won't like what I've said but I felt I needed to say something. I wish you luck in finding a new job and I hope something comes along for you soon.
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