Advice please regarding what we can do re: LTD companies

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Good morning everyone!

I have a client whom I do book keeping and end of year accounts/submission for her. This is her personal accounts, she did have a business which was ltd and was dissolved during the last tax year.

Her previous accounts (who she was incredibly unhappy with hence changing to me) had supposedly dealt with her ltd company and told her she did not need to put in a tax return as the company had dissolved. She has now received a fine of £400 from HMRC and this will incur £100 a month until sorted.

She has asked me if I can deal with it which I have no problem doing (although would obviously need advice and I can get this from an accountant friend) but would I be able to submit to HMRC or can AAT members not do this? I can't remember exactly regarding a LTD company that a Chartered Accountant needs to do.

Thank you



  • deanshepherd
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    If the company has been dissolved then who are you acting for?

    No need to do any accounts, just inform HMRC of the date of dissolution.
  • Sarah-Lou
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    Client has rental properties so is still submitting a personal tax return with this income on it.

    Hmm not sure what the fine is about, she is going to forward me to the letter to look at and then I will phone HMRC. Company was dissolved ages ago but HMRC seem to need something.
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    HMRC should have been informed about the situation in my opinion.
  • Monsoon
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    £400 then £100 per month sounds like a PAYE penalty.

    Write to HMRC and say the company was dissolved, so there is no-one to pay the penalty. Should make it go away.
  • MoneySavingBank
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    If the company is not trading. there is no money to pay

    Hi Sarah-Lou,

    I had a similar situation then I wrote a letter to HMRC and after reviewing it i was fine. I didnt pay any penalty.

    If the company is not trading. there is no money. So how you gonna pay?

    I think the best thing is you draft the letter and let the X director sign and send it.


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