Help! Full membership refurred to investigations team

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Help! I wondered if anyone has been through this procedure to help put my mind a little at rest. I recently applied for full membership and had to declare on the membership form that I have entered into an agreement with my creditors.
Since then, it took two weeks for AAT to refer my appliacation to conduct and complaince. Conduct and complaince have taken three weeks to look at the extensive info I have supplied. They have now told me that my case is being referred to the investigations department! Apprantly, i should have informed them in january that i have entered an agreement, I would have done if I had known.
It is no fault of my own as my part and I's business was placed into volutary liquidation, making as both unemployed. I have since set up a debt management plan with CCCS , rather then go bankrupt.

I am now scared that I could be struck off.

Has anyone been through a simliar situation when applying for full membership and is this the 'norm' to be refurred to the investigations team?

I would be greatful for any comments, it is making me quite ill


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    Help! Full membership refurred to investigations team


    I know someone who had to go through this process for membership...

    As long as you have supplied ALL the relevant information needed along with an explanation of how you cam about entering into this agreement with CCCS I don't think there will be a problem as my friend received her membership.

    I do know that she had to have a reference from someone with a professional background in order to clarify that they believed she should be entitled to full membership.

    I think the process took about 6 weeks for the authorisation to come through.

    Try not to worry
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    No experience of it but the following links may be helpful

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    Thanks everyone, you have helped put my mind at rest a little xxxxxx
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