Unit 6

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How the heck did i manage to pass the exam 5/6 years ago? I really am battling to remember the formulas. All i can do is go over and over them until they stick! All i want to do is pass the sim.


  • anniebabe
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    I know how you feel, I am doing the Unit 6 simulation too, paper exam in 5 weeks - aint gonna pass at this rate.
  • emma123
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    how u gettin on annie?
  • anniebabe
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    Hi emma

    I am not getting on tbh. what about you?
    kinda of understood Short term decissions, but stuck answering the exam papers. Havent looked at long term decissions yet.
  • jane
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    I can't even do a past paper yet without looking at the answers!! Want to do my sim this side of xmas, cos i still have to do Reports and returns sim too which i haven't even opened the book for yet!
    I know it will all fall into place, cos it did last time, but when you don 't use what you learn at work, you tend to forget it.
    If anyone out there is thinking of ever taking a break, my advise to you is DONT!!
    Happy studying
  • taskey
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    unit 6 was my nemesis - it was the sim that was holding me up. i hated it.

    i eventually passed, after 2 failed attempts and a big kick up the proverbial.

    i agree with not taking a break - be strict with yourself and get it over and done with.

    the thing that stuck me was the splitting of things out to various departments, i just could not get it. i could do all the other bits but that was my sticking point.

    it is such a relief now that i have passed it and it is well behind me. you will feel such a relief when you finally pass that sim, all the others after that will seem a doddle.

  • jane
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    Thanks for your reply. I think i will feel much better once i've done it and it's out the way. I find the apportionments quite easy, and the other stuff a bit mind boggling, i.e finding the cost per unit etc. Just hope with doing lots of practice exams and sims, that it will all come alot clearer in the old brain!!!! :)
  • donnas1977
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    Hi Jane

    Am with you on this one, I find the apportionment not bad as well, its the cost per unit and semi variable costs that has been confusing me. i tried a past paper (first ever) one Sunday and found most of section 1 ok, didn't get too much of section 2 done as we only have started looking at cost per unit, break-even etc

  • jane
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    Hi Donna

    Yes i've been doing past papers the weekend too, and can fly through section one, but section to!! well thats another story. I am so determind to stick at it tho, and im gunna do it if its the last thing i do.!!
  • anniebabe
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    I am with you on that one Jane, section 1 is ok, section 2 is another matter.
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