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Want to apply for a license in Practice

HodanHodan New MemberRegistered Posts: 12
Hi Everyone

Thanks for taking the time of reading my post. Am new to this forum so sorry if you have already being asked these questions.

I recently qualified and i got my MAAT titled :). I work full time in a consultation company but i want to do part time job as a self employed.

1-I don't really know where to start, (how to get customers, how their trust) i know two self employed people (an intrepreter and a chilminder) am thinking of offering my service for free at first then charge a small fees after.

2-On the application form i had to chose the service that i want to provide but i will only be granted the licence if i provide work experience and proof that i can do it. For now the only experience i have is bookkeping and year end accounts, i can also do Business tax and personal tax but the problem nt by experience just study knowledge.

3- They said it will support my application if i have got a mentor.. to double check my work before submitting i don't know anyone with an accounting qualification or experience. What are the chances of getting refused if you don't have a mentor?

4-I want to get experience in VAT return and also business tax and personal tax (for childminders), do i need to take courses or can i use free website to boost my experience.

5-And finally How do i work out my fees?

Any advice will be be very helpfull and thanks a lot for your time
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