Anyone been on a Kaplan Revision course?

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had experience of Kaplan's revision courses?

I'm trying to find a revision course for PTC under the old standards for the December sitting. Apart form the AAT one in London, Kaplan appear to be the only provider I can find that are running courses for this. My own provider, BPP inform me that as the unit is no longer taught in the classroom, revision sessions are not being run.

I just wanted to find out more about the Kaplans courses before making a booking!



  • Penguin
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    Hi Kelly,

    I have attended many kaplan revsion courses, they are really good.

    They are well organised and withing the course you will be taught throught the basics of the exam and then help you through mock exam papers.

    They also provide you with a revsion pack and if you do work through them all in class they are more than happy to gain more material for you.

    If you need to know anymore just give me a shout.

  • AAT Level 3
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    The revision classes I have attended have been really good. The revision pack has a large extent of questions and the mocks always contain full course content so you are likely to pass the exam if you can pass the mock which essentially covers more.

    I would say the one downside is that the exams seem to always have questions I have never seen before. It would be good if the revision classes could effectively cover everything that is bound to come up.
  • katie2008
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    They are good!
  • SAFCTony
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    Anyone know of FNST revision courses in the Luton, Milton Keynes area.

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