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Does anybody use an integrated suite of software - Accounts production, Tax, Payroll etc. from one provider?

I use VT, Moneysoft Payroll and Legatio FTax (and Microsoft Office for all the capital calculations, letter writing etc.). Is there any real value to using an integrated suite, and is it worth the cost?



  • burg
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    When in employment I used Iris like so many others. Great product but when it came to going it alone and I saw the price I shopped around. Like so many others I used VT with a tax software (I used PTP). I then went to using PTP for everything but although integrated it isn't really.

    Last year I wanted to go integrated to save on the time and make things a lot smoother. I looked at Iris again along with Sage, CCH, Keytime and my eventual choice, Digita.

    CCH was expensive as was Iris, Sage couldn't even be bothered to get back to me and Keytime for me just wasn't that much better than what I had.

    Digita treated me nicely and did not pressure me. The product is easy to navigate if you are used to Miscrosoft Office (particularly Outlook). I would say it's up there with Iris. However, prices are higher than VT and Ftax and will increase as your client numbers increase. I believe though that it saves this amount in time but only you can really decide for your circumstances.

    As for price it depends on your client base. It's about 80% the cost of Iris for year 1 then around 55% of the year 1 cost for future years.

    Best thing you can do is try some out for yourself and see what you think.

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    What do people think of Quickbooks?
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    QB is great (the older versions at least) but it's not accounts production or tax software AFAIK and shouldn't be used as such, it is bookkeeping software.

    We used to be on VT + Ftax and have switched to Digita.

    It's taking a very long time to learn it. I have a feelng next year we may go back to VT but keep Digita for the tax. It is a very powerful bit of software, I'm hoping in time I really get to grips with it.
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