What service can I provide now?

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I'm sure I've seen this info both on the forum and on main website...but typical when you're looking for something you can't find it.

I have my membership status but not MIP. However, I have been asked if I would do a small ltd co (t/o c £15k pa). My query is would AAT allow me to do them without MIP, I'm sure I read somewhere that "one-off's" were allowed.

Also if I am allowed to do them, am I right in thinking that I can do the complete accounts and that they would only need to be audited by a CA?


  • Parmstrong83
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    I think it's based on how much you make from it, if you are doing it on a voluntary basis thats different?

    I think lots of people volunteer, it's when you start charging and using your association with MAAT it becomes a MIP matter?

    As far as I know you can take the books to Trial Balance, but only if you are comfortable doing so. To do this at a MIP level you have to prove your competence and expierence first before AAT allow you to do this?

    at least i think thats right
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    Ask the MIP team, I'm not sure.

    A small Ltd Co does not need an audit therefore does not need a chartered accountant. Anyone can complete Ltd Co accounts.
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