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I went for an interview today at an accountancy practice. I had sent my CV off randomly shortly after the June exams and got an email last month asking if I would be interested in going in for a months work experience while a member of staff is off on maternity leave.
I got a text on Tuesday inviting me in today for an interview and was offered a months work experience unpaid and then one of the following options:
Option 1: we don't get along and I do the work ex and we say goodbye
Option 2: It goes really well and they offer me a temporary contract at the end of the month to cover the rest of the maternity leave.
Option 3: It goes really well and at the end of the month they offer me a full time contract with study package to replace somebody that is leaving shortly.

Obviously I want option 3 but will take any at the moment as it will all look good on my CV.
I'm starting next week and can't wait.


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    Well done you! What a fantastic opportunity. Grab the bull by the horns and go for it girl!!!!!

    It's also great that you've posted here as it will give others inspiration. It's easy to post a moan and so often we forget or are too busy to celebrate a success story!

    Keep us posted Katz - and blow their socks off with your skills, ability and personality!

    Good luck next week ;)
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  • Rinske
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    Great news indeed! Good luck Katz!
  • katz568
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    Thanks both of you. Will certainly keep you all up to date on how it goes and hopefully others will be encouraged to keep going by seeing my post.
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