Question re: lease payments on dissolved business

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Hi it's me again!

I'm not quite sure about this as have not come across it before in my limited experience!

My client (whom I posted about before) used to have a Ltd company which was dissolved however there were two outstanding leases of which she has continued paying (they were in her name rather than the company name).

She has rental property (which is what I do her book keeping and tax return for). Am I right in thinking that the leases of which she is paying for the Ltd company cannot be put through her accounts now as company dissolved and these were taken personally? They are nothing to do with property rental so therefore irrelevant?

Thank you



  • Monsoon
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    If the leases are nothing to do with the rental, don't include them.

    If the leases are simply debts that she is paying, and the properties that are leased are doing nothing and there is no trade involved, I don't think you can claim relief on these payments in any way.
  • Sarah-Lou
    Sarah-Lou Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Thank you that is what I thought but I am still at the stage where I question anything slightly out of the ordinary even if I am sure I know the answer!
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