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Hi everyone, this is my first post on the forum. I'm looking for some help and maybe to help others along the process. I'm AAT qualified and have been for a couple of years, however, I work within the public sector accounts which is more about budgeting and forecasting than actual accounting. Anyway, as you may have seen in the news 25,000 MOD personnel are going to lose their jobs in the next 3 years and I'm trying to prepare myself in case I'm one of them.

What I would like to do is become a MIP sometime in the future but don't currently have the skills/experience to do this. The only way I can see to gain the experience is to offer my help to any local MIPs/accountants who are willing to assist an inexperienced member. I live near St Ives/Huntingdon in Cambs so if there are any members who think they could help me could you please pm me.

If anyone has any other ideas (polite ones!) please let me know.

Thank you in anticipation.


  • T.C.
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    Have you tried volunteer work - charities are always on the look out for treasurers etc?
  • Lillykins
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    Thanks TC, I will try that on as well.
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    Hi Lillykins

    I thought I would say hi as I also live in St Ives. I am a MIP but I do not have that much work on as I have 2 small children.

    There are lots of practices in St Ives, not sure if any are recruiting but maybe worth a try. I found Crimson Harvest and Kinnard Hill very friendly. Tacconi and Green is another and one of the partners is AAT.

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    Local Events and CPD Mastercourse

    Hello Lillykins,

    Have you tried to attend your local branch events, CPD master course etc? This is a very nice way of meeting accountants from different area.

    If you are working full time, you can look for saturday job. Lots of accountants are open on saturday. Few hours helping them would be a big and long term achievements for you.

    If you do your CPD plan arround MIP requirements. I believe you will be more confident in this area. By the mean time, I hope you will get a job.

    But remember you won't be a MIP over night. This process takes a little longer and some patients from you.

    Hope this Helps.

  • Lillykins
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    Thank you everyone for your advice.
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    Hi Lillykins
    I'm in the same boat as you but based in the North East. I would love to be a MIP, however I think I would need to gain experience too before it would be granted to work from home so I think my plans will have to be delayed for a couple of years. I would be willing to work voluntary to gain the experience.
    Your threads and advice would be welcome info for me too.

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