Losing the will with Overhead Variances

I dont think am ever going to learn these even to the point of thinking of not bothering going for the exam ive spent the best part of 3 weeks trying to do these and just not clicking :(


  • noodles
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    I find it easier doint a diagram with the answers on as it is laid out in the text book and then I use those answers, it makes it easier
  • SandyHood
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    A Vic
    Can you find a local manufacturing business where they use standard costing?
    And ask them if you can visit?

    I think staring at books doesn't suit you. I know it doesn't suit me.
    If you can see overheads being absorbed in practice, it might just click.

    Perhaps a car repair business where they quote for work on the basis of £x per hour plus parts?
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  • A-Vic
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    Thanks Sandy thats not a bad idea my manager is back tomorrow will see if anything we can come up with :)
  • A-Vic
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    after a good talking to by members of here (you know who you are) and a good hour with my very good friend and study buddy Jilt, i have now drawn a revision timetable and had a brilliant couple of hours study tonight. Starting to feel a bit better now.

    Thanks everyone :)
  • jow774
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    Dont know if it helps but ive sent you a pm with how I remembered it.
  • A-Vic
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    Thanks Jow just read it xx :)
  • Monsoon
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    Glad you are feeling better.

    Seriously, I was in exactly the same place as you, I wasn't going to put in for the exam because I just didn't get it, but stick at it. What did it for me was finding a different bit of study material from a friend that explained it in a different way and it started to make sense.

    Hang on in there, you're so close. :)
  • Newbie
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    Struggling with PCR(unit9)...any tips

    Hi the exam is only a few weeks away and im still struggling with the past papers, any helpful tips would be much appreciated as starting to panic
  • jewels.p
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    Dont worry I think we are all in the same boat. I have been looking at some of the peripheral subjects ie trends, seasonal variations, balanced scorecards and am completely lost. I will never remember them in the exam I know that. Try to concentrate on the 4 main topics which are Variances, Ratios, Production Budgets and Budgetary Control and dont panic too much about everything else (says she). That is what I have been advised. If you can master the main four you should be ok.
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