Marking Distant Learner Assignments

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Ahhhhhh, got an assignment back and it said that I was marked down for not completing a section, surely I could not have made a big error like that I thought. I looked back at the work she returned and sure enough the section that was meant to be missing was included and the marker had even marked the question on the same page. It even had the reference 2.2 next to it so it was nice and clear and it was printed off excel so it was not even hard to read. Also, on reports etc for the ease of it in assignments, I always put from :ME and date : TODAY and I got a cross for not stating my name!
Feel really petty complaining but I think I will re send it in with a polite notice to say - IT TOOK BLOOD AND SWEAT TO ANSWER THIS PAPER SO PLEASE DO YOUR JOB AND MARK IT CORRECTLY!

Rant over. Back to PEV June 2009 exam paper I am about to start. x


  • Becky V
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    Hi just wanted to say thats awful. I hope they sort it out for you! Just wondering who are you studying with?
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