Logo for new firm

wildgoose1uk Registered Posts: 200 🎆 🐘 🎆
How do people get their logo's when starting out? Do they use one of the online free logo generators or the paid for online logo generators.... or do you pay a 3rd party company to develop a logo/brand?

Not really been that impressed with the free online ones I have seen but I have not seen them all.

Input eagerly awaited!!


  • Monsoon
    Monsoon FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071 🎆 🐘 🎆
    We paid for ours.

    Highly recommended :)
  • wildgoose1uk
    wildgoose1uk Registered Posts: 200 🎆 🐘 🎆
    How much did it cost?
  • noodles
    noodles Registered Posts: 308
    We went to our printers and they designed ours for us for £50, for that they come up with as many as you need until you like one. As the printers did it, they were then able to put it onto our stationary and also save it as a certain file type so we could put it on our website.
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