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Morning All,

I am AAT qualified (not MIP), and part-qualified ACA chartered accountant (advanced stage case study still to do).

I work full-time for a firm of Chartered Accountant's.

In the past few months about 4 or 5 friends of mine have asked me to do their VAT returns & Self assessments.

Am I allowed to send HMRC a 64-8 form to authorise me as their agent, as I often have to contact them regarding queries etc, but they will obviously refuse to talk to me as I don't have the authority.

I didn't know whether you had to be a MIP or have a practicing certificate etc to be an agent.

All responses are much appreciated.



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    I think you need to talk direct to the MIP team at AAT and also the ICAEW - they may have restrictions on what a student member is allowed to do. You should also check your contract of employment to see if you're allowed to 'do work on the side.'

    I don't think there's going to be a specific thing saying you're not allowed to fill out 64-8s in your own name - whether you have an agent ref or not, the issue is whether by doingthese tax returns you are obeying the rules of your 2 professional bodies, so I would go straight to the horses' mouths and ask them.

    Good luck.
  • moneymotivated
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    Thanks Monsoon

    In hindsight, as I am only helping them (as not fully qualified and practicing yet) and not actually preparing everything for them etc I think I will leave it and just carry on getting them to ring up HMRC with my queries!

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