Worried about the format of CBA's

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I have just attempted the Example CBA for AP1 and although I passed, I have a few concerns about how to fill in T-Accounts on the test in the correct format.

The bottom row of the T-Account automatically totals the column above - is this row just for calculation purposes or is it supposed to make up part of the final answer to the task? It looks to different to the paper-based tests we have been practicing.

Also, what is the arrow on the side of each cell for...I know it highlights the cells in green...but why? Do I need to do this in the exam?

BPP have not given us any training on the CBA format and its worrying me that I will mke mistakes because I dont understand the software.

Also, i wish there were more of these CBA's available to practice on...when I sat Level 2 a couple of years ago, I had about 7 years worth of past papers to go through...this time with the new standards I only have 4.

i think I'd prefer sitting a paper based test because it feels like the CBA is a while new exam method to learn


  • SandyHood
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    Why don't you ask to be examined by a paper based exam?

    On the grounds of inclusion, I think a candidate asking to be examined on paper is making a legitimate request.
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    SandyHood wrote: »
    Why don't you ask to be examined by a paper based exam?

    On the grounds of inclusion, I think a candidate asking to be examined on paper is making a legitimate request.

    Is this allowed under the new standards? Logically it should be allowed as there probably are people who have a genuine reason why they can't use a computer but I bet the AAT haven't thought about what they'll do if that ever happens.
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    I really do not think that the AAT have considered all angles on the CBE format, I myself am struggling with it, I am Autistic and Dyspraxic, ok with paperbased exams and ok when I am at work (worked for 16 yrs ok, but not employed at the moment) you can generally print things off and work from them etc...
    But this whole CBE is another kettle of fish altogether, I am doing a paper ECR this time as still on the NVQ route - apparently if i want to carry on i have to do CBE at Level 4 and only entitled to an eye break in the middle??? who on gods earth wants to break away from an exam! feel very let down by this new system - it looks like i will not be able to carry on with my studies. Are they trying to pigeon hole who is good enough to study? it was bad enough dropping the funding.
    Rant over! x
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    I sat 2 last month and have 2 more next week. I think they are awful set up on the computer. You have to keep scrolling up and down to get your figures. I prefer paper based where you can see the questions and figures in front of you. I know its easier for the assessors as they are marked on line but I would rather wait for a result and continue on paper. What do you think?
  • anniebabe
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    I think we should be given a choice paper or not - especially if you have problems with sight etc... I really do not think they have thought it through.
    I hear there are still lots of problems with the computer exams freezing or crashing.
  • anniebabe
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    one of my college friends sat a level 4 computer exam yesterday and apparently it kept crashing and then at te end she didnt find out if she had passed or not - still have to wait 6 weeks!!!! may as well just do paperbased!.
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