does anyone else find PCR HARD !

whos that girl
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Im having trouble with passing my PCR exam, this will be my 2nd time in december and im revising, ive even been on sit iins at college to relearn and it just isnt sinking in. im getting so frustrated. I just see a load of muddled words on the exam sheets and panick. I struggle with Labour budget mostly. The basic is o.k but when given loads of information I cant seem to get past it. Im so scared that i will not be able to finish technician level. I have such high hopes for my future and now they seem far away again.


  • Newbie
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    yes I am also finding it difficult, not the actual work but understanding what is required in the way the question is set out, sometimes could be clearer.
  • nc82
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    I know exactly where your coming from I passed pcr in June and its easily the hardest exam I have done in all time I have been studying aat, I would say try and break it down as much as you can and keep practicing past papers and exercise questions.
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