Moving Accountants/Auditors

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The company I work for has just been sold and I have been asked to contact the Accountants of the new owner and send them an official letter inviting them to take over the role of accountant/auditor. They will then contact our curent Accountants to begin the hand over

I am not sure what I need to include in this and how official it needs to be - can anyone suggest anything?


  • Monsoon
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    I would write to the old accountant to say "the company will be taking on the services of XYZ & Co, please provide them with the info they need." The old accountant will need permission to hand over info to a 3rd party before they can respond to the request for information.

    To the new accountant, I'd write something like

    "I am writing on behalf of [new owner] who has purchased X Company Ltd. He/She/They would like you to take over the role of accountant to X Company Ltd. We have informed our current accountants, ABC & Co, and would be grateful if you would contact them for handover in due course."
  • flossie
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    Thank you - my head is a little over flowing with information at the moment and everytime I sit down to begin a letter I end up with writer's block!
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