few questions about new AAT

hi all

i home study and am confused to say the least, im not going to mention the name of who i study with for obvious reasons, but im now at a standstill.
basically, i was studying with the old standards and got ready to do my first simulation when i then obviously had to register with AAT, after doing so i got an email from my course provider saying as i had registered after 1st july i had to follow new standards and start over again - no one had even told me about this deadline date !!

so anyway thats what i did, i started with the new standards and have now done all the assignments for accounts prep one and two, trouble is im still waiting for the mock exam for accounts prep one - and im not overly happy.

ive emailed them every few days about it and all i get is yes its nearly ready - ive asked why some students have already completed the CBA exam for accounts prep one when i havent even completed the mock exam yet, and i just get fobbed off.

what do you think is going on here?

the second question i have is, ive never worked in accounts at all, its something that interested me and so im giving it a whirl after having a child a few years ago, anyway, the route i decided on was AAT level 3 diploma - ive heard there are many different routes, and didnt know the differences at all having never worked in accounts before, so have i chosen a decent way to learn?

if i pass this level, would i be able to get a job as a junior assistant or something?


  • deborahcarpenter
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    Hi Lauram,
    I too home studied Level2 & 3 with Home Learning College (nightmare getting hold of any tutors)!! I too never worked in an accounts office before but at the ripe old age of 39 i applied for a job as a finance assistant and got the job with no experience. They said i got the job because i had the iniative to go out and learn a new skill on my own and also that i had never worked in an accounts office before and so didnt have any 'bad' habits. I am now doing Level 4 at college mainly because they where cheaper than my home learning provider. I have no doubt that this is the best route to take if you want to get into accounts. Good luck with your new career path and i hope you do well in you exams.
  • lauram
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    Thanks Hun made me feel a little better knowing I'm on the right track, now just need to figure out why my home learning provider is so behind everyone else xx
  • taskey
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    go on, name and shame them lol

  • lauram
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    lol i dont really want to although im sure ive mentioned them in previous posts lol.

    ive finally got a reply to my email and just been told they hit some 'snags' and have now got the mock exam paper ready for me to complete, so il do that and see how long it takes them to let me book the actual exam
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