continuancy of practice agreement

E Storey
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Does anyone have an example of a REALISTIC written continuancy of practice agreement?

I've looked at the AAT sample one and it is wholly inappropriate and over the top. There is no way I could ask another bookkeeper to sign it, they'd either faint or die laughing! but I would like something in writing.


    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
    Did you ever get this sorted out, I am looking for one as well, I currently have an ICB registered practice and want to change over to AAT Licence in November when the ICB one runs out but need a continuity of practice (still need to find someone willing to do it, just for bookkeeping) and a mentor.

    I also have a letter of engagement which at the moment is a bit OTT for bookkeeping, if you have a slimmed down one I would be grateful for a copy.
  • ademoore
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    If you are looking for a continuity of practice person, try enquiring on the MIP section of the forum, state what part of the UK you are from, and someone may come forward from your area. You may also find someone willing to mentor you through the early days, whilst you get on your feet. Doesn't cost anything to ask! :001_tongue:
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