Exam question

Hi All as some of you know or may not know I messed up on unit 6 costing, I am now going to take the CBA for the unit in January but was told I could not do this as I have not taken the skills test, which I have to do first, not heard this before and I cannot see why. Can someone tell me, I am sure it was not an issue went I went to college.



  • taskey
    taskey Registered Posts: 1,800
    i did my paper exam 2 years ago and have only just sat my skills test - i am with BPP and there were no problems with that.

    Hope you get it sorted out

  • jane
    jane Registered Posts: 165 ? ? ?
    Me too. I did the central exam a few years ago but never did the sim. I'm in the process of studying for this now. Don't see why you should have to do the sim first!! Hope you get it sorted.

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