Love love loving it

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I'm doing 4 weeks full time work experience atm in an accountants local to me. I'm on my second set of accounts (started last Wednesday, finished first lot yesterday, second easier lot will be finished in about an hour tomorrow morning) and just KNOW that this is where i'm supposed to be.
There is a full time job going which the boss would prefer somebody with at least 3 years experience but he is considering me too which would be great seeing as study support would be available.
I am SO hoping to get the job, or at least a reccommendation to another company at the end, as the title says - I'm loving it.
I'm learning so much, things we only touched on in college i've already gained so much knowledge, stuff I thought we covered indepth I now know we only scraped the surface of.
Please please let this lead somewhere.

Can I use this as evidence towards obtaining MIP?


  • taskey
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    fantastic, so glad you are enjoying it.

  • Rinske
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    Nice to hear something so positive!

    I would expect you can use it for MIP experience if your employer signs it off.

    Well done you, glad it's working out so well for you and hopefully you get the full time job!
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