Budgeting Level 4 AAT (Formerly unit 8/9)

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Is anyone currently studying Budgeting level 4 AAT? Please get in touch

Thanks Philip


  • Vince22
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    I started budgeting about a month ago using distance learning. I'm ok calculating variances and budgets, but not so good when you have to comment on things like what performance ratios would be better, and what are the limitations of your findings.
  • PhilipG
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    Further to question re budgeting

    Hi - thanks for getting back to me. I will private msg you so you have my email perhaps we could chat / discuss this I have been working on budgeting for about 2 months and lack confidence and some of the answers are 4 to 5 pages long!! esp the memos.

  • GreenMousey
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    I'm studying that unit too :)

  • Newbie
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    Im studying for that too, Im starting to panic as I have paid for the exams but not confident I will pass these
  • PhilipG
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    Re budgeting............

    I too am struggling this is extremely hard, I aren't stupid by any means but there is soooo much to remember, and by the sounds of things there are not many practice papers available as this is a new AAT syllabus from what I can gather from Kaplan, I have been working on budgeting since early Sep not touching other units and I don't know how I am going to perform.

    I will private msg you both giving my email address perhaps we can chat/email and help one another.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • pirate
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    From what I understand these new papers are the old Unit 8 and 9 or unit 33 under the diploma pathway. As you are doing the Budgeting this will be equililent to the PCR exams so you will find some really useful stuff on the past exam papers on that you can download the questions and the answers from the AAT website
    If there is something that you just dont get ask away here and there will be someone who can help you
    No question is silly or stupid; its a lot of material to cover
  • PhilipG
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    Reply to Pirate Girl re budgeting

    Thank you for your advice - much appreciated thank you again Philip x
  • jewels.p
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    Post anything you want on here Philip we will all try and help. I am sitting MAC in two weeks (the old way) and often find help on here by either searching for my query or starting a new thread.

    There is always someone willing to help and advise.
  • Lady L
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    I am studying Budgeting to.
  • alia
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    I am studying Unit 8 and 9 too. I have paid for my exam fees and have both exams in two weeks time but I lack confidence and I dnt think I am going to pass it.

    Does any one have any tips on how to remeber what to write in the writing section.I know it sounds stupid but I can never think what to write.
  • AuntieT
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    Me three!

    And am finding revising really hard becasue of the lack of new type papers to practise on - i know that I can just practise on the Old PCR papers but it's just not the same.

    Even more so not being able to practise CBA's - I know there is one but...
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