Are the AAT being obstructive or what?!!!

I have tried to search for something on the forum just and the most riduculous captcha is being used. It does not matter how many times you enter the words you see they are always shown as being incorrect. The sound option is also stupid as you just cannot hear the words.

AAT are you being deliberately obstructive and unhelpful or are you just misguided with the technological you are using that DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Monsoon
    Monsoon FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071 πŸŽ† 🐘 πŸŽ†
    I think they've taken some rather drastic anti-spam measures (such as limiting it to only one image/smiley, still don't understand how that helps). To be fair, it's worked (I think) but captchas drive me up the frickin' wall!! You're right, they are often impossible to read correctly.
  • timgriff
    timgriff Registered Posts: 55 πŸ’« 🐯 πŸ’«
    I find if you log in first then go to the search function, the annoying captcha thingy doesn't come up...
  • speegs
    speegs Registered Posts: 854
    thanks Timgriff. I will try that.
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