Cbe confirmed mark

Hi All,

Just wondered how long does it take for the aat to confirm the cbe mark in writing - I though they did.

I had the cbe last friday and failed and wondered how long it takes them to confirm?

Has anyone ever had a mark changed to a pass?

Cheers in advance!



  • donnas1977
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    not sure, maybe a few weeks?. I have sat 2 cbe's before and never had the pass mark from aat. All we have been told is under new standards the pass mark is 70%

    what was the cbe that you sat

  • CovTeej
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    Slightly going off on a tangent here, sorry, but..

    Did you have any issues with the CBE on Friday, our class sat ours then and had an issue with a certain question freezing the assessment.

    Each time it happened the invigilator firstly suspended the individual student's assessment then released it to see if it cleared, if not then the assessment had to be closed down and reopened, the student then had to sign back in and continue, sometimes the answers had to be re-entered. It was impossible to check the answers once the test was completed because once the rogue question was reached everything froze again.

    Hopefully this issue will be addressed before the remainder of the exams are sat.
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