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Just wondered if anyone can advise me on something about the ATT exams.

I studied for the AAT on my own using the Osborne text books and coped fine that way. I have recently decided to study for the ATT and want to see how I get on on my own before deciding whether I need some extra study support from one of the learning providers (I understand that the ATT is a lot more challenging and I might not be able to study on my own like with AAT).

My problem is that the exams for 2011 are based on the FA2010, but the BPP TQT textbooks for FA2010 don't come out until January 2010, so I can't really start studying until then - I could use the 2009 textbooks but don't want to confuse myself with the changes in tax legislation.

Is anybody else doing this and have you come up against the same problem? What did you decide to do? Leaving studying until January isn't really feasible as the exams are in May.

Thanks in advance


  • Monsoon
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    I really need to buy books for the May 2011 exam. I got the details from BPP and the implication was that the books I could buy now were ok for the May exam. I might have to go and double check... and indeed buy text books.
  • pirate
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    this happens each year due to the tax changes.
    I didnt get my books for this year until Feb 2010. (they were available in Jan but I wasnt sent them long story)
    anyway I did my exams in June for the tax and it was fine.
    Are you also studying under the new syllabus or the old.
    Personally I would wait until the new books come out
  • CelticStar
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    Thanks for the replies. Pirate, are you talking about the ATT or the AAT tax exams? It seems a bit mad for the books to not be available until January/February for the May exams, that's cutting it very fine.

    Monsoon, I confirmed with the ATT that the 2011 exams are based on FA2010 and if you check on Amazon the only books available are those for FA2009, so I'm not sure you've been given the right info. from BPP.

    Now I've made the decision, I just want to get on with it so it's a bit of a nuisance having to wait.
  • ema192
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    I am sitting Business Tax and Accounting ATT paper in may 2011 and have been given by BPP the book FA2010.
  • reddwarf
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    Osborne told me the same text book BTC (FA 2009) applies for June 2011 exams (old diploma pathway route). I hope they have got that right.... Think I'll try to verify with AAT...

    Gawd this is going to be confusing with the new syllabus running....
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