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I'm going through some F4 practice questions using a BPP exam text book and getting worried about the model answers.

Some of the questions appear straight forward e.g. when asking to explain the title of Ltd and PLC. However, although I feel my answer is valid because I have distinguished between the main featues of the two entities the answer is based around an area I've not covered.

For example I explained about PLC's requiring £50,000 share capital, needing two directors, requiring a public trading certificate etc and the model answer focuses on the issues of seperate personality, perpetual succession.

Has anyone else found the ambiguity of questions in ACCA perplexing?



  • PGM
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    Don't worry about the model answer, you could get the full marks a few times over if you wrote all that....

    The questions can be hard to read, go through with a highlighter or underline parts which you need to answer the question.
  • mark057
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    Thanks for the tip.

    Just writing as much I can in the time and feeling my answer looks totally inadequate and perhaps not touching on all areas covered by the model answer.
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