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I'm composing a Business Case to put forward to my director. He currently uses Sage and recommends it to our clients, I would like him to consider other packages but so far my nagging has fallen on deaf ears.

I'm testing the following software using the free trial downloads but I'd be grateful if any of you could post your own reviews/experiences of these or any other package you can recommend so I have some backup ;)




  • PGM
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    Theres been a few similar threads and VT seems to be the clear winner based on popularity and the recommendations.
  • wildgoose1uk
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    Assuming you are talking about book-keeping packages and not final accounts production then Solar and VT seem to come highly recommended onthe forum. I have a slightly different take from PGM in that Solar seems the more popular one and the combination of a higher number of users combined with good reviews has more sway with me than the same sort of good reviews but from far fewer users.

    The thing about recommending software to clients is that they are quite likely to come to you when they have issues with it in terms of trying to complete tasks so there would likely have to be a good deal of familiarity with the software thoughout your practice else you could be asked questions you don't know the answer to regarding software you have recommended but do not actually use within the practice.

    That could then impact on your firm's reputation. It partially depends then on your firm's enthusiasm for learning new software as well as the actual useability of the software.
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