likely to fail PCR section 1

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Hi guys I am starting to panic as its a matter of days to the exam and I am still strugging with section one, im ok with calculating the sales volume, production, labour, overheads etc but I keep being caught out by the wording in the exams what they actually want, mabe its just me but it feels like its worded to trick you, I have passed all my other aat exams first time but this one... worried.


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    Couldn't agree more...

    I'm EXACTLY the same as you! Passed all other exams 1st time. Sat this one in June and nearly had a heart-attack when I saw section one!! HARD!! Passed Section 2, but failed Section 1.
    I've been studying the Osborne text book. Literally completed all the questions in the tutorial and workbook and after all that, am I any the wiser???? Unfortunately not!!
    Can't do the the past exam papers without checking the answers as I go. Think my confidence took abit of a battering and now I feel totally clueless.
    In my opinion, no two past exam papers are the same and therefore finding any sort of pattern to follow is impossible!
    Feel fine about Section 2, but the limiting factors parts in Section 1 scare me.

    I was going to put a post on here any way asking for some tips if anyone has any???
    So if you're reading this and have any tips at all, please please please reply to this thread!!
    Acually begging and cloe to breaking point!! ARGH!!
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    Have you tried doing a search on limiting factor on this forum? Lots of pages with information, questions and answers come up.

    You might want to go and have a quick look through and see if you can find anything useful here.
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