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Ok... I now have some numbers:

Digita (50 personal tax and 50 accounts production and corporate tax):

Year 1 cost: 1303.08
Year 2 on: 923.55

VT Accounts and Taxcalc:

Year 1 cost: 755.88
Year 2 on: 699.13

The year 1 cost for Digita includes a £325 discount.
The VT suite includes VT Transaction+ so if I were to use that there would be an additional saving there on book-keeping software.
Digita allow for monthly payments without any additional charges so that helps with cashflow.
The VT and Taxcalc solution is for unlimited clients

What do people think? Is Digita worth the additional dosh and if so then can the advantages be quantified?

It's quite a lot of money for Digita given that I do not have any clients yet.


  • Rachel
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    I don't know if it helps but Taxcalc offer a lite package for new starts but you have to call them as it isn't an online deal
  • Monsoon
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    Blimey, I didn't realise TaxCalc was that pricy!!

    We used VT + Ftax before we moved to Digita, and that was about £400 a year.

    I am seriously considering a hybrid of VT for accounts and Digita for tax, I know a few people who do it like this.

    Digita is worth the extra dosh, in the sense that its functionality is really good, though I've not used TaxCalc so don't know how that compares.

    I still think VT is brilliant.... from an AP point of view I prefer it, even though the reporting functionality is far superior in Digita.
  • Gem7321
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    I think if I was in your situation I'd go for the VT+TaxCalc until I had a reasonable client base to justify spending the extra on Digita. I've only used Digita for tax I haven't used the accounts package but in the long-run I think I would prefer an integrated package like Digita.
  • wildgoose1uk
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    Taxcalc do indeed offer a Lite version not listed on their website. It costs £150 + vat and covers 12 PT, 5 CT, 5 P/ship and 2 Trusts. That brings the price for VT Acc and taxcalc down to £410. That would probably be enough to get started although I do like the look of digita it is now massively more expensive at £1,300 for year 1.

    Almost half the price of Digita for year 2 onwards but it really depends how successful I am in the first year.
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