**Advice Required** Employment Opportunities for Part Qualified AAT Students

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Hello All,

I have almost completed Diploma AAT Level 3, just a few simulations to go, I will shortly be starting QCF Level 4. From an employment point of view what would be a good starting position for someone with limited experience who is Part AAT Qualified? The sort of jobs I am considering applying for are Accounts Assistant, Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk and Bookkeeper. What is a realistic starting position and salary in London?

My main concern is the lack of experience I have, compared to the competition I will be up against. I have been in the Army for 7 years as a HR/Administrator and am leaving in February to pursue a career in accounting. There is a small amount of finance involved in my job but it’s limited to pay queries and allowances.

Now although I lack experience, I have developed throughout my 7 years in the Army, key attributes I think will be valuable to any empoloyer.

Good communication and time management skills
Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
Determination & self motivation (studying AAT off my own back whilst carrying out a very demanding full time job)
A team player with a 'can do' attitude.

My next question is, how will an employer view these attributes over lack of experience?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.




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    Hi Gav

    Firstly, you've made a great decision to study AAT, it'll really stand you in good stead forever.

    Secondly, you've found this forum, which will also help you study, meet like minded 'idiots' on here (I know as I'm one!) and give you lots of encouragement - but that's a two way thing as you'll have to come on here and encourage others too!!!!!

    I think you'd do well to log into your MyAAT account and find some local branch meetings; get yourself booked onto as many free ones as you can and go along with a positive attitude and go off to sell yourself. You'll find yourself in a room full of accountants, some of whom will be in the same position as yourself and others will already be running their own businesses and may have space for an apprentice or a volunteer - you may find that you will need to do some volunteering simply to get the experience you need, and it also proves that you're determined to go the extra mile to realise your ambitions.

    Also, by going to branch meetings you can start working on your CPD portfolio.

    Go for it Gav! ;)
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