CBA Financial Performance - has anyone taken it?

AAT Tooting
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Hi, my fellow students and I at Kingston College are about to take the CBA in Financial Performance. But we are all really concerned about the lack of preparation and we keep finding out new things all the time, so we feel a bit like guinea pigs at the moment. Is there anyone out there who has already taken the CBA assessment in Financial Performance who can tell us a bit about how it went? Any comments much appreciated.


  • GreenMousey
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    I've been told that it's not available as CBA yet, could be wrong, my training provider isn't the most reliable, but they only had personal tax rom December onwards (The unit I'm not doing)...with no dates available for when the others will be available...
  • SandyHood
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    I have two classes taking FNPF in December.
    I have no doubts that it is available for CBE.
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  • GreenMousey
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    Thank you Sandy, my training provider is about as helpful to me as a chocolate teapot..

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