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Events attended

rowetsrowets New MemberRegistered Posts: 8
Hi all,

Does anyone know where on the website I can find a summary of all of the AAT Events I have so far attended? I thought this information was available when logged in but I can't seem to find it aywhere now, anyone able to help?



  • bumblebeebumblebee Well-Known Registered Posts: 135
    I have tried to look for the same before but I dont think there is such facility. You might have to keep your own record. I am sure you get attendance certificate from AAT for the events you have attended but I am not sure when they send these.
  • rowetsrowets New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Hi Bumblebee,

    Thanks for replying, I have now found it although it wasn't working the other day but it is now.

    If you log-in to your MyAAT online account, then go to the CPD Zone box and click on the highlighted text 'Vistit the New CPD Zone'. Then, under 'What Do You Want To Do Today?', click on 'Find more resources here' at the bottom which opens up some more menu options, at the bottom should be 'View Events You Have Booked'. This will open a new box with 2 tabs at the top, one showing 'Upcoming Events', the other showing 'Attended Events'. All of your booked events past and future should be in there.

    Hey Presto!

    Hope that helps.

  • bumblebeebumblebee Well-Known Registered Posts: 135
    Thanks Tim.
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