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Ok, So I have a job in a practice, officially starting Wednesday.
I've been doing so work ex there and have been doing some tax work (basic SAR's and CT600's so nothing too bad yet) but didn't do the tax units as our tutor didn't feel comfortable doing them.
Does anyone think it would be worth my while doing them? I'm hoping to go onto ACA in the next 12 months so would this help give me a headstart?
Thanks in advance


  • Rinske
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    If you still need to do the choice units to complete the AAT, I would say, take the tax units, but if you are just taking your last exam and would go on to ACA, have a look to what units they require for the exemptions.

    ACCA and CIMA are just a matter of completing the AAT with no specific units requirements, but for ACA, it was auditing and one of the tax units if I'm not mistaken.
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