Good luck this week!!!

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I just wanted to say a HUGE GOOD LUCK to everyone taking exams this week.

Wake up, have a good breakfast and then go for it!

Be confident and be the best you can be.

You know you can do it so stop worrying, do exactly what you've learnt and you'll be fine.

Best wishes to you all!!! :)

Anna xxxxx
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  • jow774
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    I'll second that! It is nerve wracking but worth it in the end.

    Good luck everyone.
  • noodles
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    So glad we do not have any snow, I can take a leisurely trip in now, relax with a cup of coffee and then be ready for that LOVELY paper. Bring it on .....
  • keane155
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    I just want to get the exam out of the way now. Kind of wishing that I had chosen to do the exam on the Tuesday afternoon rather than Friday afternoon (CBE). Seems like everything has just suddenly made sense and would rather do it sooner than later now...and I've decided to go in to work Friday morning.

    Good luck to everyone else doing exams this week, hopefully we will all get nice papers (or computer exams!), then we can start worrying about the next exam ;)

    Hope that the snow all disappears so everyone can get to the exams ok.
  • SusieQtips
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    Hi Keane155

    I should have taken my PTC this afternoon but am snowed in. I am now due to take it with you on Friday afternoon (providing the road opens and college can arrange it), so I will actually get to meet you. I'll be the one you've never seen in class. LOL

    You could have done my paper this afternoon and I could have done yours on Friday, (it's a fact, that someone else's paper is always easier).

    Good Luck with it and hopefully we will both pass.
  • keane155
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    Hi SusieQtips,

    Sorry to hear that you couldn't get to the exam, it's stressful eanough taking the exams in the first place, so I bet it is so frustrating to be ready for the exam and then it all gets ruined by the snow!!

    It's still snowing here and I'm really hoping that college will be open tomorrow night (I remember last year when they closed it a few times because of snow!) I tried logging into moodle on the website tonight and my password isn't working so I really need to get into college before Friday.

    I kind of wished that I had chosen to do the exam today, but I chose Friday so we get an extra lesson and a few days extra revision.

    Good luck for Friday, hope we get a nice exam and it doesn't snow! Should see you there, I'm the one with a grey coat and glasses lol.

  • SusieQtips
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    Hi Emma
    It's not looking good for Friday for me, snowed here heavily overnight, still snowing now and cat n fiddle road still not open. Work is still closed so it's looking grim. Hopefully they will have managed to open the road by Friday, keep your fingers crossed for me. You'll recognise me if I get there, I'll be the one in the big thick waterproof coat, wellies, hat, scarf and covered in snow. LOL.
    I just want to get on with it now, I've all this information in my head and just want to unload it.
    Good Luck for Friday and if I don't manage it let me know what you thought of it. Otherwise I'll see you there.
  • keane155
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    Hi Sue,

    Really hoping that the snow clears up for you tomorrow, it was still snowing here when I went to college tonight, but most of the main roads were clear. BBC weather says that it's just light snow tomorrow hopefully they will open the road.

    I also want to get the exam done, then I can concentrate on the limited company accounts stuff(which I've been ignoring a lot because of tax and there's so much to learn for January!!). It must be horrible wondering whether or not you can get to the exam.

    Good luck for Friday.

  • MrUniverse
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    Hey guys,

    Had my exam yesterday despite apalling weather conditions and the bad roads. The college was closed, however, they were still going ahead with Exams. it was Unit 5 FRA...beelive everything went ok, a few errors but my working should sort that out.

    Hope everything goes well for you guys !!
  • jewels.p
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    How did you manage to sit your exam if the college was closed?
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