Level 2 exams

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Hi all,
I'm studying with home learning college and I haven't been doing it long so I'm a little unsure on what you need to do to achieve the qualification? Such as how many cba exams is there? Is there any paper work involved?


  • janwal
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    There are 5 CBA's in level 2 with a 70% pass mark on each and I also think there is a paper based assessment in Working Effectiveness, but just about to start subject on Monday.

    Hope this helps
  • JaffasGirl
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    There are only three CBAs for level 2. One each for Basic Accounting 1, Basic Accounting 2 and Basic Costing.

    The other two units are assessed either by work place evidence, or a computer based project - not a formal exam.

    If you want further clarification here is the BPP page i found it on.


    click on the paper by paper guide.

    Hope that helps!
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