Budgeting CBA exam next week.

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I am doing the Budgeting exam online next week. Feeling at a total loss, as not knowing what to expect. The online CBA paper on here is so different to the traditional paper format from previous years that doing the old past papers seems like wasted revision time (as its consuming enough as it is) The not knowing and uncertainty of what to expect is daunting. It would be helpful to see more than one practice CBA paper for each topic on here... Heres hoping for the best.......good luck everyone!


  • SandyHood
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    Make sure you understand what is in the budgeting syllabus.
  • anitag
    anitag Registered Posts: 17 New contributor 🐸
    Thanks Sandy, I think I have it covered, but in previous levels I've found the past papers an invaluable help to get me through- The CBA's at technician level seem to test you on a
    wider range of areas as there isn't the scope to go into big scenarios and data as they did in the past. I guess there may be a larger written section too as there is only so much data you can put online... wish I was doing the written version!!
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