important date in btc

snowrosee84 Registered Posts: 8 New contributor 🐸

what the importent date i have to keeping??

like :
tax return field??

date of pay tax liabilties??

plz help me


  • AK002
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    Filing CT600 is 12 months after the year end

    Paying is 9 months and a day after the year end
  • jaki670
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    i can't seem to remember the dates even tho i keep writing them ova & ova again dreading exam 2mora !!!!!
  • reader
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    CT600s must be filed within a year of the accounting period. If the accounting period is longer than 1 year both CT600s will have the same filing deadline.

    Personal tax returns must be filed by 31/10/2010 (filing by paper) and 31/01/2011 (filing by internet).

    CT600 payment must occur within 9 months and 1 day of end of chargeable accounting period. Therefore if the accounting period is longer than 1 year the two payments for the two CT600s will have different deadlines.

    Personal tax return payments occur on account. E.g. for 2009/2010 liability the dates will be:
    31/01/2011 - 1st POA
    31/07/2011 - 2nd POA
    31/01/2012 - Final balancing payment / Refund

    We should also know the the consequences of late filing and penalties
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