Snow opportunity

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Accountants watch the news on TV. Accountants read the newspapers.
Local news reporters are always looking for heart warming stories of bravery and dedication above and beyond. They are also looking at the perceived image of the accountant as the pillar of the community who won't let a few hardships get in the way, and the perceived image of students as partygoers who are looking for the slightest excuse to avoid doing any hard work.
When other exam candidates use snow as an excuse to not attend an exam, you could show that you overcame the snow. You can show you are determined. You can show that you are worth employing.

I've read plenty of threads from people who have found getting jobs in accounting difficult.

If you can gain publicity this week, when snow will be used (legitimately) by some candidates for not attending exams, think how impressed accountants hearing your story might be as they watch the local news or read their papers.
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    A whole new meaning to 'frozen assets'?
  • blobbyh
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    Blimey, the first Baggy post in fifteen months.

    Don't get much for manslaughter these days, do you?
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