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Anyone else finding these a pain in the neck?? I have looked over past papers and the answers all seem to work it out diferently!! take june 2010 for instance, the brackets are in the wrong place!! Im gonna crumble tomorra!! Any advice?? I know that your comparing what you expected to cost/use to what it actually did!!


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    Now is probably the time to stop looking at model answers (if there ever was a time to base learning on the finished product)

    Just look at your daily life.
    If you bake a cake it might be more useful preparation, and much tastier.
    If the recipe is enough for 2 people and says 250 gr of sugar and the sugar should cost £1.20 per kg, you have the beginning of a variance understanding that you won't find in old answers.
    See how much sugar you really use to make a cake for 4 people, and how much it rally cost.
    If you use 600gr and it cost you £2.50 you have the chance to calculate 2 variances.

    If the cake should take 0.5 hrs to make a 2 person cake and you took 1.25 hours and you should be paid £9.00 per hour but actually paid yourself £15.00

    Does that help?
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    Thanks sandy, yes it kinda does make more sense looking at it like that!! Im just going to breakdown the whole question to make my answer! Thank you....
    Only problem now is, ill be thinking of cake in my exam tomorrow :D

    Thanks again for the reply
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