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The AAT is represented on various forums where issues concerning our relatinship with HMRC and other government departments is discussed.

I have noted that the problems we face becoming agents and as agents seem to recur regularly and we want to approach HMRC with these issues formally in one of the forum meetings.

HMRC have asked for specific cases in order that they can investigate and respond.

Any one of you who is prepared to gvie me a summary of a serious issue/s which have occurred recently, or who has an on going one which requires some action then will you please get in touch with me, Ian Whyteside, via the member services team at AAT or directly to so that I can work with AAT in getting this sorted.

HMRC are committed to sorting out the relatinship with agents because they know without us the cost of collecting revenue would be much higher than it is. There is also talk of increasing their work with agents, so there is a lot at stake and much we can do now to influence developments.

Any information will be gratefully received and remain confidential between AAT and HMRC.

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