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Hi All

I'm applying for an MIP certificate and looking for someone to be my professional nominee for continuity of practice purposes.

I'm based in Gloucestershire and will be marketing my services in this county and nearby towns, so, ideally the nominee will be based in this locality.

Hopefully my MIP certificate will cover the following areas of expertise,

Bookkeeping *
Financial Accounting/ Accounts Prep *
Personal income tax *
Business Income tax *
Corporation Tax
Business Plans
Computerised Accountancy Systems
Company Sec
Budgeting forecasting
Management Accounting *
Payroll *
Limited Assurance

I've placed an asterix against the areas where I anticipate I will derive the bulk of my fee income.

If you are interested, please feel free to ask questions in the forum or by PM.

Thanks in advance,



  • burg
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    Hi Paul.

    I'm also based in Gloucestershire and may be able to help.

    I would like to find out a bit about you and your business and plans before I decide so do feel free to send me a pm or email via my website.

  • paulstafford
    paulstafford Registered Posts: 126 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Thanks Ian

    I have sent an email via your website.

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