Budget CBA Practise

AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 💫 🐯 💫
I'm trying to do the practise CBA but am not getting past first page.

I tried it before and remember being told that press F11 to enlarge page and did so but got interupted and had to stop.

Now on holiday and trying again but no amount of F11'ing is helping

Any ideas!?


  • AuntieT
    AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 💫 🐯 💫

    Any ideas - really need to try one before next week!
  • Marga
    Marga Registered Posts: 981
    sorry dont even know where to find CBE's here!

  • emma89
    emma89 Registered Posts: 27 💫 🐯 💫
    U could try restarting the site, don't know if if would work but worth a try. Let me know how you get on with the paper im doing the same and im in a panic.
  • AuntieT
    AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 💫 🐯 💫
    Nah tried restarting.

    No different even tried doing one of the other papers - still no luck. I have changed PC but would have thought the F11 thing should work
  • Abbie28
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    sometimes it can be the web user for example Internet explorer is compatable for the exam but mozilla firefox sometimes does not accept different screen size i asked my friend IT technician from work as i had this problem... god knows why though so try internet explorer :) sorry this dont work...
  • AuntieT
    AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 💫 🐯 💫
    All sorted now!

    Not going to try to do till tomorrow as I've been told by work to take tonight off so maybe won't talk wibble in the morning!
  • AuntieT
    AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 💫 🐯 💫
    Hmm - didn't get on well with that at all, it's so different from what I've been practising on.

    Can we get the answers any where as one question I could not see how they came to the options of answers!!!!!
  • AuntieT
    AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 💫 🐯 💫
    And next question, it told me I'd not passed on this occasion - is that becasue it can't mark the section 2 of that I was really that bad with understanding what Section 1 was about
  • bemusedstudent
    bemusedstudent Registered Posts: 19 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
    where can you find practise cbe's?
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