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I was just wondering if anyone has gained the AAT Bookkeeping L2 Award through the BPP £175 offer that is on the AAT site. I realise the AAT Accounting L2 covers everything the Bookkeeping does (well I assume...) but I was considering this as a taster course.

I am considering studying the AAT Accounting L2 but before finding an expensive learning provider etc. I through trying the AAT Bookkeeping Award would be a good idea, as I can work at my own pace and get a feeling for what may lie ahead.

Just wanted to know if anyone has already studied this, the fees (£175 I believe) although fairly cheap, seem relatively expensive for 2 CDs and a book, which is what it says it includes.

Also, does anyone know whether you can just walk into any "test centre" and pay the company a fee to take the test there? I'm not really sure on how this works from the guidance that is provided on AAT website. I get the impression I wouldn't have a training provider as such for this course?

Thanks for any help & replies :-)


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    I dont know the anwsers to your queries but if you are interested i have the AAT Bookkeeping CD which I can sell you for a good price. I bought it a couple of years ago but then my work paid for me to attend college and complete the AAT Dipolma so I never used it.

    Let me know,

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