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I just have a couple of questions about registering and I hope you guys might know the answers.

1. Can I register before choosing my training provider, at the moment I will probably apply to study with Kaplan (or possibly BPP) but can I register and say "Kaplan Online" and future change this on the settings that may become available once I've registered, or am I stuck with it, and therefore should wait?

2. What additional content will become available, I was hoping to register with AAT so I could view the restricted parts of the website, including past papers and more information and such. Is there a point in me doing this or should I wait?

3. Will I be recharged the annual fee automatically in one year, or will my membership lapse and I will have to repay to reactivate or something similar? Can anyone explain how this works.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply :-)


  • Ezrolith
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    One additional question:-

    Everywhere I go (online training providers) it is asking me whether I want to study the:-
    AAT - QCF OR

    I understood the NVQ/SVQ route had recently been replaced by the QCF route, surely QCF is the correct option, but on the AAT literature (the pack they sent me) it refers to the new route as being the Diploma route. So, can anyone explain the difference between the Diploma route of studying and the QCF (I assume NVQ is now being removed).

    I hope to study home based with no work placement type thing, I am almost sure I should be booking the QCF but feel I should be checking...
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    QFC is the new route, so you would start on that one.

    If you register, you do get the extra information available, it includes podcast and other study materials, also previous exams, but those are the paper ones for the other routes. There is as far as I know also one example of the computer based exams for each unit, but I am not sure if that is available for all units yet or that they are still adding them. There is also the AAT magazine that you get (2 monthly I think), which has a nice study zone with some extra help and there are minigames available on the site, on for example ethics and double entry.

    As for the fee, you won't need to reregister, they will send you an invoice when the payment for the new year is due.

    You can change your provider after you signed up, so you can register now and then pick the course provider. However when I used this (one and a half year ago) I couldn't get it done on the site and instead emailed the student team and it was sorted quite soon as well.

    Alternatively, you can also sign up with the training provider and register with the AAT afterwards (as long as you do it well in time before your first exam), which then means you can use the additional features of the study provider.

    I think that's all questions answered.

    Good luck studying!
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