Has anyone transferred to QVF? Is it tricky?

Just wondering if I may end up having to transfer.


  • lewpylew
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    I phoned AAT about this earlier. Seems easy to transfer - you just need to register with a training provider, call them with the study centre reference number and then it seemed as easy as that! I only have financial statements to do but it did sound a simple proceedure.
  • pirate
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    My sister has done this

    Its really straight forward on level 4 if you have completed all your units for level 3
    as there seems to be a direct mappiing at level 4
    If you havent completed level 3 try to get it done before you transfer other wise you need to redo things like Professional Ethics if on diploma route
  • reader
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    I remember Kaplan telling me that if I transferred to QCF they would charge me an admin fee.

    Also if you go onto the Kaplan website they have new QCF books, so would I/you have to buy new books?


    I think MAC is done over two CBAs (rather than just one) and I think Unit 10 becomes an E-project.


    Because I have the old books, and can't be bothered to do two MAC exams, and both like the sound of an e-project, I think I'll stick to the old non-QCF.
  • jewels.p
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    I got told by Premier that there is around a £50 transfer fee
  • pirate
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    blimey certainly not worth it

    I had already got the old stuff when the new stuff came in and was told had to pay for all the books etc so didnt bother

    you are right there are 2 exams instead of 1 for MAC, but its similar stuff.

    there are big differences at Level 3

    but I am sticking to the old standards, gives me a kick up the watsit to get it finished

  • reader
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    Pirate, have you started/finished unit 10?
  • coojee
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    jewels.p wrote: »
    I got told by Premier that there is around a £50 transfer fee

    Who's charging the fee? Premier? There's no fee charged by the AAT. They shouldn't really charge you a fee as you don't need the new books for most of the units and the amount it costs them in books for the new units can be offset by you not sitting the assessments which you've already paid for. Hang on though, Premier charge you extra for the assessments don't they? They're not included in the original fee.

    Sounds like a money making exercise to me. And also a way to make students get their acts together and complete before June 2011 instead of dragging their heels.
  • reader
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    Coojee, Kaplan Distance Learning also charge a fee

    I really need to get my butt in gear and start unit 10, MAC and DFS


    Someone help
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